Afternoons 5-7 Monday - Friday

The Afternoon Show on The Bridge 1120 is an engaging, straightforward radio talk show for Austin and Central Texas from a Christian perspective, covering everything from politics to sports, from family, culture and current events, to off beat comedy issues of interests to a diverse audience.


Thu 6-1 2017Hour 2

Peggy Venable talks with Dr. Chuck DeVore about the legislation and if it coincides with what the people want, and talks special needs education with Melissa Bodenger.

Wed 5-31 2017Hour 1

Bob talks with Congressman John Carter about Trump's wall and Cater's faith, and visits with callers as they wish him luck on his indefinite hiatus.

Wed 5-31 2017Hour 2

Bob continues to say farewell to callers, including appearances from Don Zimmerman and Whitney Morgan. Brief segment on Trump's convfefe tweet.

Tue 5-30 2017Hour 1

Bob lauds the Coptic martyrs and visits with Rev. David Cassidy about their faith (Eastern Orthodoxy) and its most recent well-known convert, Hank Hanegraff, Bible Answer Man

Tue 5-30 2017Hour 2

Bob talks gun law with Michael Cargill (Central Texas Gun Works) and interviews former catcher Chris Bando about his pro baseball career and his ministry Athletes Abroad for Christ

Fri 5-26 2017Hour 1

Bob mocks Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg for his call for universal basic income; Bob gives us basic rules on how to interpret the daily news.

Fri 5-26 2017Hour 2

Bob reviews VP Mike Pence Naval Academy commencement speech and rebukes the Notre Dame students who walked out on Mr. Pence; Bob promotes cheap living in a remote Italian village

Thu 5-25 2017Hour 1

Bob interviews Keith Hampton, counsel for Greg Kelley, convicted child molester, about new evidence that may free him, and reviews a Gallop poll on Christians' church priorities

Thu 5-25 2017Hour 2

Bob and callers continue on what Christians look for in a church; Bob critiques today's appellate court ruling against Trump's Travel Ban and looks at a unique new job: cat cuddler

Wed 5-24 2017Hour 1

Bob interviews KVUE reporter Michael Perchick about his recent TV piece on reasons and remedies for the decline of religious faith; Bob celebrates Bob Dylan's birthday