Wed 6-7 2017Hour 2

Peggy talks about Jame's Comey's hearing tomorrow and the National Security Hearing today. With James Dickey, newly appointed RPT chairman, she talks about recent legislature.

Tue 6-6 2017Hour 1

Peggy Venable talks with Cheryl Johnston, Galvestone County Tax Assessor-Collector on how to lower property taxes and part 1 of her talk with Eliza Vielma.

Tue 6-6 2017Hour 2

Part 2 of Peggy's talk with Eliza Velma about social media, Trump's tweets, as well as remembering D-Day.

Mon 6-5 2017Hour 1

Peggy talks about school choice with Stephanie Matthews of the Texas Public Policy Foundation and talks about public funds usage with Mayes Middleton, also of the TPPF.

Mon 6-5 2017Hour 2

Peggy continues her talk about public funds with Mayes Middleton, and talks with callers about school choice and other topics.

Fri 6-2 2017Hour 1

Peggy Venable talks about the protests on college campuses with Dr Tom Lindsay and the political climate in Austin with Matt Mackowiak.

Fri 6-2 2017Hour 2

Peggy Venable visits with Jason Moore about the RPT and elected officials, and talks about Rideshare and occupational licensing with J.D. Rimann

Thu 6-1 2017Hour 1

Peggy Venable talks about the recent legislative decisions and bills passed with Talmadge Helfin and Jerome Greener.

Thu 6-1 2017Hour 2

Peggy Venable talks with Dr. Chuck DeVore about the legislation and if it coincides with what the people want, and talks special needs education with Melissa Bodenger.

Wed 5-31 2017Hour 1

Bob talks with Congressman John Carter about Trump's wall and Cater's faith, and visits with callers as they wish him luck on his indefinite hiatus.