Mon 5-22 2017Hour 1

Bob visits with Dr. Kie Bowman (Dr. Pastor - Hyde Park) about this Thursday's citywide prayer meeting; Part 1 of Bob's conversation with Yale's Dr. David Mahan.

Mon 5-22 2017Hour 2

Part 2 of Bob's chat with Dr. Mahan: "Why should Christians be zealous for learning?" and Bob talks with Rep. Matt Shaefer (R-Tyler) about key bills in the legislature's final week

Fri 5-19 2017Hour 1

Bob reviews a Harvard study proving that more than 90% of Trump's media coverage is negative; Bob visits with Family Life local directors about the June 9-11 Weekend to Remember

Fri 5-19 2017Hour 2

Bob interviews Pastor Trey Kent about next Thursday's citywide prayer event at Hill Country Bible Church; Bob talks Joe Biden, pizza, free speech, and Girl Scout cookie thieves.

Thu 5-18 2017Hour 1

Bob celebrates George Strait's 65th; Bob visits with Don ZImmerman (host of the Bridge's Saturday "Taxpayer's Voice of Reason" show) about the legislature's new Uber/Lyft bill.

Thu 5-18 2017Hour 2

Bob interviews Allison Eskew and Shelly Mason and ReWorkProtect, a Christian Homeless Ministry; Bob marvels at the immaturity of parents brawling at graduation.

Wed 5-17 2017Hour 1

Bob examines the Comey Memo flap and asks: "Even if true, is this obstruction of justice? Grounds for impeachment?" Bob sympathizes with an Austin man's really bad first date.

Wed 5-17 2017Hour 2

Bob launches a new segment: "Our Man in Washington" with a beloved new Congressional intern; Bob remembers James "Cool Papa" Bell, laughs at a murderous parrot, lauds Miss USA

Tue 5-16 2017Hour 1

Bob exposes the lies behind latest news that Trump leaked classified data to the Russians; Bob interviews Judge Don Willet (Tweeter Laureate of Texas)

Tue 5-16 2017Hour 2

Bob says we should read the Constitution and the Bible the same way: look for original intent; Bob critiques the Pope for judging Trump, and Obama for opposing beef