Mon 5-15 2017Hour 1

Bob rants about the arrogance of CPS and lauds Trump's Liberty U. commencement speech; Part 1 of Bob's visit with Rick Green and grads of his "Patriot Academy."

Mon 5-15 2017Hour 2

Part 2 of Bob's interview with Rich Green and his Patriot Academy Alums; Bob critiques Roman Catholicism, especially their faulty view of "Grace" and "Saints."

Fri 5-12 2017Hour 1

Peggy Venable steps in for Bob and talks about School choice and special needs with Melissa Bodenger

Fri 5-12 2017Hour 2

Peggy Venable talks with Jason Moore about the Property Tax Reform and Katie Kerschner about the Convention of States

Thu 5-11 2017Hour 1

Bob sends birthday wishes to 111 year-old Richard Overton, oldest living WWII veteran; Bob and callers argue about Trump and his firing of James Comey

Thu 5-11 2017Hour 2

Bob does his "Godfather" impression, mocks Oregon's Gender Neutral drivers licenses, lauds Condoleeza Rice for her view of Civil War monuments, and touts the benefits of salt

Wed 5-10 2017Hour 1

Bob reveals the real reasons Jim Comey got fired as FBI Chief; Bob celebrates the 57th birthday of U2's Bono - and argues that Bono's life, words (and music) prove he's a Christian

Wed 5-10 2017Hour 2

Bob argues how God will judge those who've never heard the Gospel; Bob looks at a DWI case involving a 15-time deportee and decries the LGBTQ ideology being foisted on 5 year olds

Tue 5-9 2017Hour 1

A white rhino takes to social media to find a mate; Bob visits with Texas Values' Jonathan Saenz about the latest Legislative news and tries to make sense of James Comey's firing

Tue 5-9 2017Hour 2

Bob laughs at the ACLU's Texas Travel Advisory, lauds Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton for his preemptive Sanctuary Cities lawsuit, and bemoans persecution of Christians at home and abroad