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The Afternoon Show on The Bridge 1120 is an engaging, straightforward radio talk show for Austin and Central Texas from a Christian perspective, covering everything from politics to sports, from family, culture and current events, to off beat comedy issues of interests to a diverse audience.


Tue 4-25 2017Hour 2

Bob (and callers) offer their views on whether Bob's reaction to a young man at a gas station was tinged with racism; Bob celebrates Rick Monday and Tim Tebow.

Mon 4-24 2017Hour 1

Bob visits with Dr. Whitney Morgan about gender dysphoria in children, and the proper Christian response.

Mon 4-24 2017Hour 2

Bob (and Dr. Morgan) talk to Dr. Robert Marks, Baylor engineering professor, about the scientific and mathematical flaws in evolution, then talk Pokemon Go, pistols, and abortion.

Fri 4-21 2017Hour 1

Bob visits with Focus on the Family's Candi Cushman about their April 28th's Day of Dialogue, equipping young Christians to resist the radical LGBTQ agenda in school

Fri 4-21 2017Hour 2

Bob talks to Don Zimmerman (Taxpayer's Voice of Reason) about the flaws of Code Next and other City Hall mischief; Bob asks why must CAP 10k and other races run only on Sundays?

Thu 4-20 2017Hour 1

Bob and callers review the Bill O'Reilly firing; Bob asks "Would a congressman (Utah's Jason Chaffetz) really resign to spend more time with his family?"

Thu 4-20 2017Hour 2

Bob examines which countries are most dangerous to Christians, discusses how many illegal aliens ate committing crimes, and celebrates "National High Five Day"

Wed 4-19 2017Hour 1

Bob interviews UT prof Michael Cramer about the abiding importance of Jackie Robinson and sport to culture and race relations 70 years after Jackie broke the color line in baseball

Wed 4-19 2017Hour 2

Bob asks "is Jimmy Carter a Christian?" (analyzing recent Carter N.Y Times interview), remembers the Okla. City bombing, and celebrates National Garlic Day with Dave

Tue 4-18 2017Hour 1

Bob interviews Producer Ralph Winter (X-men, Fantastic Four, etc) about his new film. The Promise, starring Christian Bale, which depicts Armenian genocide in 1914.