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The Afternoon Show on The Bridge 1120 is an engaging, straightforward radio talk show for Austin and Central Texas from a Christian perspective, covering everything from politics to sports, from family, culture and current events, to off beat comedy issues of interests to a diverse audience.


Tue 4-18 2017Hour 2

Bob visits with pastors Evan Black ad Mark Westerfield about Love the Rock and Bess the Badge, two Round Rock Gospel initiatives; Bob remembers Paul Revere, Luther and Robert E Lee

Mon 4-17 2017Hour 1

Bob lauds Trump's Easter message, analyzes the escalating North Korea situation, and solicits opinions from callers about the infamous Pepsi ad.

Mon 4-17 2017Hour 2

Bob pokes fun at those offended by the Pepsi commercial, excoriates a professor calling for Trump's assassination, and marvels at the detective who cracked a 5,000 year-old case.

Fri 4-14 2017Hour 1

Bob interviews Christian sculptor, Max Greiner, in Part 1 of Bob's Good Friday special, followed by great songs of Easter and Bob's personal testimony.

Fri 4-14 2017Hour 2

Part 2 of Bob's Good Friday Special: more Easter songs, reflections on some of the best Scriptural Easter texts, and Bob's chat with Danny Huerta of Focus on the Family

Thu 4-13 2017Hour 1

Bob lauds Donald Trump's bombing of ISIS; (rebroadcast of yesterday's lost interviews with Nelson Linder (NAACP) and Asst. DA Dexter Guilford: new approaches to police shootings)

Thu 4-13 2017Hour 2

(Re-run of yesterday's lost visit with members of Upbring, a Prevent Child Abuse ministry); Bob interviews Jonathan Saenz about SB6, and talks chocolate bunnies: ears or feet first

Wed 4-12 2017Hour 1

Bob interviews Nelson Linder (Austin NAACP) and Dexter Guilford (Chief of the DA's office's new Civil Rights Unit) about DA Margaret Moore's new process in police shooting cases

Wed 4-12 2017Hour 2

Bob visits with members of Upbring, a Christian foster care/child abuse prevention organization; Bob recalls the Civil War, Billy Haley, and the Uvalde Bus tragedy

Tue 4-11 2017Hour 1

Bob decries the murder of 44 Egyptian Coptic Christians, applauds Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions' talk at the border, and starts his interview with the heads of the Blended Family event