Mon 4-17 2017Hour 2

Bob pokes fun at those offended by the Pepsi commercial, excoriates a professor calling for Trump's assassination, and marvels at the detective who cracked a 5,000 year-old case.

Fri 4-14 2017Hour 1

Bob interviews Christian sculptor, Max Greiner, in Part 1 of Bob's Good Friday special, followed by great songs of Easter and Bob's personal testimony.

Fri 4-14 2017Hour 2

Part 2 of Bob's Good Friday Special: more Easter songs, reflections on some of the best Scriptural Easter texts, and Bob's chat with Danny Huerta of Focus on the Family

Thu 4-13 2017Hour 1

Bob lauds Donald Trump's bombing of ISIS; (rebroadcast of yesterday's lost interviews with Nelson Linder (NAACP) and Asst. DA Dexter Guilford: new approaches to police shootings)

Thu 4-13 2017Hour 2

(Re-run of yesterday's lost visit with members of Upbring, a Prevent Child Abuse ministry); Bob interviews Jonathan Saenz about SB6, and talks chocolate bunnies: ears or feet first

Wed 4-12 2017Hour 1

Bob interviews Nelson Linder (Austin NAACP) and Dexter Guilford (Chief of the DA's office's new Civil Rights Unit) about DA Margaret Moore's new process in police shooting cases

Wed 4-12 2017Hour 2

Bob visits with members of Upbring, a Christian foster care/child abuse prevention organization; Bob recalls the Civil War, Billy Haley, and the Uvalde Bus tragedy

Tue 4-11 2017Hour 1

Bob decries the murder of 44 Egyptian Coptic Christians, applauds Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions' talk at the border, and starts his interview with the heads of the Blended Family event

Tue 4-11 2017Hour 2

Part 2 of Bob's conversation with Elizabeth Taplin, Stacy Jeanette, Pastor Nate Echelberger about the free April 29 "Blended and Blessed" event at HCBC; and more on United Airlines

Mon 4-10 2017Hour 1

Bob interviews Dr. Paul Miller of UT's Clements Center for National Security about the implications of Trump's Syrian air strikes, and glories in the arrival of his newest grandson