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The Afternoon Show on The Bridge 1120 is an engaging, straightforward radio talk show for Austin and Central Texas from a Christian perspective, covering everything from politics to sports, from family, culture and current events, to off beat comedy issues of interests to a diverse audience.


Tue 6-13 2017Hour 1

Peggy talks with Vance Ginn about the new budget the Governor signed and shares a story about a high-school coach fired for praying on the 50-yard line

Tue 6-13 2017Hour 2

Peggy talks about EdChoice with Leslie Hiner and shares a story of how she saved a parakeet she found one the road.

Mon 6-12 2017Hour 1

Peggy talks with Kent Grusendorf about education-related issues and Bernie Sanders' possible religious intolerance

Mon 6-12 2017Hour 2

Peggy talks with Erin Wilcox about her article in the AAs about the Golden-cheeked Warbler lawsuit, and shares a story about a three-legged dog and a veteran.

Fri 6-9 2017Hour 1

Peggy talks about the Comey hearing, the redemption story of a KKK member, and Trump's press conference with the Romanian president.

Fri 6-9 2017Hour 2

More on Trump's conference, cats, and a story on how a woman uses a hairdryer to slow down motorists in her neighborhood.

Thu 6-8 2017Hour 1

Peggy talks about Comey's hearing and remarks with callers.

Thu 6-8 2017Hour 2

Peggy talks about legislature with Ellen Troxclaire and discusses the Comey hearing and more.

Wed 6-7 2017Hour 1

Peggy Venable talks school choice for military kids with Heritage Foundation's Lindsey Burke and talks more on the government's role in education.

Wed 6-7 2017Hour 2

Peggy talks about Jame's Comey's hearing tomorrow and the National Security Hearing today. With James Dickey, newly appointed RPT chairman, she talks about recent legislature.