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Previously on The Bob Phillips Show:


Tue 8-23 2016Hour 1

Bob talks about Trump and Hillary and how he is going to the Trump Rally - What question do you want him to ask Donald Trump?

Tue 8-23 2016Hour 2

Trump was in town yesterday, Bob was at the rally, listeners call in to give their thoughts on the Trumpster part 2

Mon 8-22 2016Hour 2

Bob spends time with Ralph & Dawn Taylor of Lakeline Oaks Retirement Center and talks basketball & ministering to the elderly, then returns to Trump who is coming to Austin!

Mon 8-22 2016Hour 1

Bob talks about Trumps apology for brashness and speaks with Austin City Councilman Don Zimmerman about his encouragement to young people to be a success

Fri 8-19 2016Hour 1

Bob talks to Austin Disaster Relief Network director Daniel Geraci about helping people who have lost everything in Lousiana with the flooding disaster and talks Trump

Fri 8-19 2016Hour 2

Bob asks, "Waht is your Favorite Movie, and talks a little about Donald Trump

Thu 8-18 2016Hour 1

Bob talks about how Obama Payed Ransom to Iran for Nuclear deal and interviews the star of 'Ben Hur', Actor John Huston

Thu 8-18 2016Hour 2

Bob lays it on the line with Sean Hannity & Trump, Hillary & Top Secret E-mails and end of the Rio Olympics

Wed 8-17 2016Hour 1

Bob talks about Donald Trumps remarks about Black attitudes on policemen and talks with Carol Everett about the lawsuit she is fighting to fund pro-life centers

Wed 8-17 2016Hour 2

Bob discusses Trump on Black vs Police in Milwaukee Riots and visits with Round Rock barber Harold & Dalonika McDonald and their ministry