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Previously on The Bob Phillips Show:


Tue 8-16 2016Hour 1

Bob has fun with National Joke Day, remembers Elvis' Death and apeaks a little politics

Tue 8-16 2016Hour 2

bob continues honoring National Joke Day, tries to understand Pokeman Go, speaks of the Olympics and the original Girl From Iponia

Mon 8-15 2016Hour 1

Bob talks with Pastor Steven Stultz of Chicago about the Illinois law making it illegal for a minister to counsel teens to turn away from a homosexual lifestyle

Mon 8-15 2016Hour 2

Bob's fascinating talk with Daniel Haynes of SkyKing Investments about the air force, the boyscouts & how that molds a character of trust then Bob pulls intoTop 10 Fast Food joints

Fri 8-12 2016Hour 1

Bob Reviews Donald Trumps Speech to Ministers and his intent to repeal the LBJ law that restricks free speech from the pulpit

Fri 8-12 2016Hour 2

Bob talks about Police Officer Sgt Hutchinson death announced as a Suicide , Buck Owens & Italian Food

Thu 8-11 2016Hour 2

Bob asks What is THE Most Important thing in life and it's National President Joke Day

Wed 8-10 2016Hour 2

Bob has Olympic fever and discusses the Gold Winning Girls gymnastic team and the Christian swimmers giving God the glory for their involvement, then Bob talks about Cats vs Dogs

Tue 8-9 2016Hour 1

Bob asks if Trump is hinting 2nd Amendment to shoot opponent, Hillary has father of mass murderer on Florida stage & Black Trump supporter Reginald Collins on why he is for Trump

Tue 8-9 2016Hour 2

Bob continues his conversation with Dallas Trump Supporter Reginald Collins, remembers Smokey the Bear rehashes headlines