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Previously on The Bob Phillips Show:


Mon 8-1 2016Hour 1

Bob talks about the 50th Anniversary of Charles Whitman and the UT Tower Shooting with Dr. Stuart Brown who researched the lack of play in Whitman's life and other mass murderers

Mon 8-1 2016Hour 2

Bob continues discussing the 50th Anniversary of the Whitman UT Tower Shooting by speaking with Documentary Producer Mary Beth Minnis about her award winning film 'Tower'

Fri 7-29 2016Hour 1

Bob evaluates Hillary speech at the DNC & talks with UT Shooter Charles Whitman expert Gary Lavergne on this historical event that changed police reaction to major events

Fri 7-29 2016Hour 2

Bob continues his chat with with UT Shooter Charles Whitman expert Gary Lavergne on this historical event and revisits the Hillary Clinton speech at the DNC

Thu 7-28 2016Hour 1

Bob recaps the DNC speeches of Tim Kaine & Obama, then speaks with Statesman reporter Tony Plohetsky on the violent arrest of Ms King by APD

Thu 7-28 2016Hour 2

Jared Lyttle visits Bob and talks about his Thesis on confederate monuments, Bob compliments Obama's speech ability at the DNC & talks chocolate

Wed 7-27 2016Hour 1

Bob recaps Bill Clinton's speech at DNC, Trump press conference and talks with Rick Green about politics and his Patriot Academy

Wed 7-27 2016Hour 2

Bob interviews author Dr Gene Kopelson about his new book on Reagan & Dwight Eisenhower, remembers Bob Hope & Billboard's first music listing

Tue 7-26 2016Hour 1

Bob reflects on Bernie's night at the Democratic National Convention & visits with Round Rock Police Chief Allan Clark about race relations

Tue 7-26 2016Hour 2

Bob talks of Bernie & Michele Obama's speeches at the Democratic National Convention