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Previously on The Bob Phillips Show:


Fri 4-28 2017Hour 1

Bob reviews Trumps first 100 days, heightened tensions with North Korea, and looks at a surprising new story about millennials and 'Choice Feminism'

Fri 4-28 2017Hour 2

Bob looks at 'Earworms,' the neurological phenomenon answering the question 'Why can't I get this song out of my head?' and bemoans meditation as a remedy for child misbehavior

Thu 4-27 2017Hour 1

Bob interviews Rep Matt Rinaldi (R-Irving) about the House's just-passed "Sanctuary Cities" bill and (with callers) assesses it's impact

Thu 4-27 2017Hour 2

Bob visits with Mia Koehne, one of the featured speakers/performers in the upcoming "Aspire Woman's Conference," Bob talks Confederate history, sleep deprivation and salt

Wed 4-26 2017Hour 2

Bob explores the troubling Netflix teen suicide drama, 13 Reasons Why; Bob visits with Shelby Little about Confederate History month, and sympathies with a rhino needing love.

Tue 4-25 2017Hour 1

Bob visits with Austin City Councilwoman Ellen Troxclair about the unique challenges she faces as the lone Conservative at City Hall; part 1 of Bob's Racial gas station story.

Tue 4-25 2017Hour 2

Bob (and callers) offer their views on whether Bob's reaction to a young man at a gas station was tinged with racism; Bob celebrates Rick Monday and Tim Tebow.

Mon 4-24 2017Hour 1

Bob visits with Dr. Whitney Morgan about gender dysphoria in children, and the proper Christian response.

Mon 4-24 2017Hour 2

Bob (and Dr. Morgan) talk to Dr. Robert Marks, Baylor engineering professor, about the scientific and mathematical flaws in evolution, then talk Pokemon Go, pistols, and abortion.

Fri 4-21 2017Hour 1

Bob visits with Focus on the Family's Candi Cushman about their April 28th's Day of Dialogue, equipping young Christians to resist the radical LGBTQ agenda in school