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Previously on The Bob Phillips Show:


Tue 6-28 2016Hour 1

Bob begins with Trump & an open convention, then Pastor of Catylst Church, Steve Blake joins Bob in the studio to talk about his new church plant

Tue 6-28 2016Hour 2

Bob and Pastor Steve Blake continue talking about the new church Catylst, then author and evangelist Nick Hall calls to talk about his new book and evangelistic emphasis "Reset"

Mon 6-27 2016Hour 1

Bob talks with Republican Delegate James Dickey about rules to derail Trump's nomination& Dr Joe Pojman, Dir of Tx Alliance for Life about the Supreme Court decision against Texas

Mon 6-27 2016Hour 2

Bob Hour talking with Dr Joe Poyman about the Supreme Courts ruling against Texas Abortion laws, Trump has become a Christian and Capt Kangeroo

Thu 6-23 2016Hour 1

Bob speaks of Obama's supreme court defeat, the reaction of Congress & the Supreme Court missing a justice

Thu 6-23 2016Hour 2

Bob talks with Victor Carrillo CEO of Zion Oil about searching for oil in Israel and his Biblical reasons for doing so

Wed 6-22 2016Hour 1

Bob talks about Orlando and ISIS with UT Proffessor Will Imboden

Wed 6-22 2016Hour 2

Bob talks politics - Hilary, Trump and then Pastor Carlos Sarmiento of Orlando Christian Center about ministering to Orlando after the mass shooting

Tue 6-21 2016Hour 1

Bob speaks with a former Muslim living in France about the religion of Islam pt 1

Tue 6-21 2016Hour 2

Bob speaks with a former Muslim living in France about the religion of Islam pt 2