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Previously on The Bob Phillips Show:


Mon 6-13 2016Hour 1

Bob talks about the Orlando Shooting with Orlando Pastor Bill Vanderbush and gun shop owner Mike Cargill of Central Texas Gunworks

Mon 6-13 2016Hour 2

Bob continues to talk about the Orlando Bar Shooting with local pastors Eric Landry of Redeemer Presbyterian and Richard Neusch of True Life Fellowship in Round Rock

Fri 6-10 2016Hour 1

Bob talks about higher education program that pays for school for Illegal Aliens like Valedictorian Mayte Lara to attend college free

Fri 6-10 2016Hour 2

Bob talks politics, Is Trump a Christian and the ministry of Pastor John Monger to Oriental community in Austin

Thu 6-9 2016Hour 1

Bob is joined by Lacy Alexander as he discusses the Bill & Hillary Foundation and politics then Karen Causey comes in to talk about how to help women who have had an abortion

Thu 6-9 2016Hour 2

Bob is joined by Lacy Alexander and Karen Causey as they discusses ministry to women who have had an abortion or victim of rape

Wed 6-8 2016Hour 1

Bob talks about Tuesdays elction, Trumps problems after Hispanic comment & Racism

Wed 6-8 2016Hour 2

Bob talks about IH35 Rock Throwing case, Joe Pojman visits about the Travis Co Republican party meeting and discusses Sanders vs Hillary

Tue 6-7 2016Hour 1

Bob speaks on Trumps remarks about Hispanic judge

Tue 6-7 2016Hour 2

Bob comments on the death of Mohammed Ali, Trump pointing out that the Trump University judge is Hispanic and Hillary vs Bernie - is she really the winner?