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Previously on The Bob Phillips Show:


Wed 3-8 2017Hour 1

Bob "celebrates" International Women's Day and "Day Without A Woman" Day.

Wed 3-8 2017Hour 2

Bob explores the scriptural perspective on the role of men and women in family, church, and society; then recalls Ali Frazier (March 8, 1971) and talks about a "Coffin Club" in NZ

Tue 3-7 2017Hour 1

Bob visits with Michael Sullivan (Empower Texans) and Nicole Hudgens (Texas Values) about SB6 *"The Transgender Bathroom Bill")

Tue 3-7 2017Hour 2

Bob holds a contest for his audience on National Cereal Day: What is the Best-Selling Cereal in America? Bob celebrates the birthday of Monopoly and recommends it for child-rearing

Mon 3-6 2017Hour 1

Bob analyzes "Wiretap-Gate," remembers the Alamo (March 6, 1836), and honors Lou Castello's (1908) birthday by revisiting "Who's on First."

Fri 3-3 2017Hour 1

Bob and callers celebrate all things Texas -- on the day AFTER Texas Independence Day

Fri 3-3 2017Hour 2

Bob continues to wax ecstatic about the Lone Star State, rebukes the Democrats for their assault on Atty. Gen. Sessions, and reports the latest "Tooth Fairy Revenue Report."

Thu 3-2 2017Hour 1

Some of the best of Bob Phillips, Speaking of Everything - Part 1

Thu 3-2 2017Hour 2

Some of the best of Bob Phillips, Speaking of Everything - Part 2

Wed 3-1 2017Hour 1

Bob interviews Dr. Michael Horton, pastor, author, theologian -- and featured speaker in this month's "Core Christianity" conference (March 24-25, Reformed Presbyterian Church).