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Previously on The Bob Phillips Show:


Fri 3-31 2017Hour 2

Bob hopscotches over a number of unrelated areas on Free for All Friday: Planned Parenthood, April Fools jokes, McDonald's "new" burgers -- and, of course, baseball

Thu 3-30 2017Hour 1

Bob visits with Fort Worth Rep Jonathan Stickland about his battles with Texas House Speaker Joe Straus over bathroom privacy, constitutional carry & other conservative initiatives

Thu 3-30 2017Hour 2

Bob asks Rep. Matt Rinaldi about Gov. Abbot's call for a new Constitutional Convention, how Christians can effect legislative change, and asks who's the best guitarist of all time?

Wed 3-29 2017Hour 1

Bob visits with Austin lawyer, Keith Hampton, about yesterday's Supreme Court opinion involving a "retarded" murderer and chats with lawyer Shawn Tuma on cyber privacy rights

Wed 3-29 2017Hour 2

Part 2 of Bob's interview of Shawn Tuma re internet privacy legislation; Bob asks if cops should give other cops warning tickets; remembers the Ohio State Shooting and Pearl Bailey

Tue 3-28 2017Hour 1

Bob visits with Rob Henneke of the Texas Public Policy Foundation about Pres. Trump's order repealing Obama's "Clean Power Plan"; analyzes Trump's new approach to Sanctuary Cities

Tue 3-28 2017Hour 2

Bob and callers discuss remedies for "Sanctuary Cities"; Bob honors women as "Women's History Month" draws to a close -- and picks his favorite gal of all time

Mon 3-27 2017Hour 1

Bob explores the difficult dilemma between protecting privacy and investigating crimes. especially those involving phones

Mon 3-27 2017Hour 2

Bob questions the so-called campus rape epidemic and deplores the vague way rape is now defined; honors Howard Cosell's 99th birthday; wonders why Republicans can't seem to govern

Fri 3-24 2017Hour 1

Bob bemoans the demise of not just "Trumpcare," but the Howard Johnson restaurant chain and certain board pieces in the new "Monopoly."