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Previously on The Bob Phillips Show:


Wed 3-1 2017Hour 2

Bob reviews President Trump's speech last night before a joint session of Congress; Bob remembers Mickey Mantre.

Tue 2-28 2017Hour 1

Bob reviews the Oscars and Billy Crystal's Austin Show, grades Donald Trump's "messaging," and talks with callers on the pros and cons of Ash Wednesday and Daylight Savings time.

Tue 2-28 2017Hour 2

Bob visits with City Councilwoman, Ellen Troxclair, about her new initiative (the "Affordable Action Plan") to reduce traffic congestion and the cost of living in Austin

Mon 2-27 2017Hour 1

Peggy Venable steps in for Bob, talking children's education funding with Gina Castaneda, Shawn Leege, and Jason Bedrick of EdChoice.

Mon 2-27 2017Hour 2

Peggy continues her children's education talk with Reason's Aaron Smith, Dr Vance Ginn, and James Quintero.

Fri 2-24 2017Hour 1

Bob critiques the "Queer Freakout" protest at the capitol; Bob visits with political correctness "victim," Professor Michael Rectenwald of NYU

Fri 2-24 2017Hour 2

Bob recounts his own debt to a college education, grateful for how it shaped him intellectually and spiritually ; Bob and Dave ponder a political future together.

Thu 2-23 2017Hour 1

Bob exults in the rhetoric from today's CPAC conference; Bob visits with Mike Cargill about whether assault weapons are protected by the 2nd Amendment

Thu 2-23 2017Hour 2

Bob continues to review the Steve Bannon - Reince Priebus remarks today at the CPAC conference, wishes George Handel "Happy Birthday," and gives Dave a "Texas History" quiz

Wed 2-22 2017Hour 1

Bob evaluates President Trump's new immigration directives and celebrates George Washington's birthday.