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Previously on The Bob Phillips Show:


Fri 3-24 2017Hour 2

Bob analyze the Republicans in Congress' failure to pass Health Care Bill; honors his youngest, Joey, on his 21st Birthday; and contrasts Rome's doctrine of Saintness with Scriptur

Thu 3-23 2017Hour 1

So Trump's not crazy after all - he was surveilled! (At least Bob thinks House Intel Comm. Chair Devin Nunes' remarks today help that theory); Bob and a caller talk dogs and people

Thu 3-23 2017Hour 2

Bob criticizes Princeton Seminary for stripping Tim Keller of a preaching award; Bobs asks Aggies about election fraud at ASM, and analyzes National "Goof Off" Day

Wed 3-22 2017Hour 1

Bob is back! He reviews the Gorsuch confirmation hearings and addresses today's terrorist attack in London.

Wed 3-22 2017Hour 2

Bob explores the ironies and anomalies of the London attack; celebrates Bob Costas' 65th Birthday; and analyzes a Harvard study on why beautiful people usually make lousy spouses

Fri 3-17 2017Hour 1

Don Zimmerman talks taxes with Matt Mackowiak, and Bruce Hausknecht.

Fri 3-17 2017Hour 2

Don Zimmerman visits with State Rep. Paul Workman on the City of Austin Council Meeting about the hiring rules and regulations.

Thu 3-16 2017Hour 1

Don Zimmerman talks about the Trump Budget and visits with Dr David Berry about Obamacare.

Thu 3-16 2017Hour 2

Don Zimmerman discusses the Texas Senate conference and the different legislatures, and talks with Greg Watson, who managed to amend the US Constitution

Wed 3-15 2017Hour 1

Don Zimmerman talks about SB 6, aka the Transgender Bathroom Legislature