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The Afternoon Show on The Bridge 1120 is an engaging, straightforward radio talk show for Austin and Central Texas from a Christian perspective, covering everything from politics to sports, from family, culture and current events, to off beat comedy issues of interests to a diverse audience.


Mon 5-8 2017Hour 2

Bob and Dr. Guillen continue their look at the hijacking of Science for political ends; Bob and Dave celebrate "Have a Coke Day"

Fri 5-5 2017Hour 1

Bob celebrates Cinco de Mayo, and denounces the Left for deportation fear mongering; Bob visits with Ellen Troxclair about the opposition to Austin's curfew

Fri 5-5 2017Hour 2

Bob sympathizes with fat airline passengers and their skinnier "victims"; Bob (and Dave) warn boastful men of telling TOO much; Bob interviews Faith Johnson, Dallas Co D.A

Thu 5-4 2017Hour 1

Bob interviews a witness to the UT stabbings, reviews Trump's Religious Liberty order, Texas' Sanctuary Cities bill, and asks Rep. Matt Kraus, who is thwarting Texas Pro-life Bills

Thu 5-4 2017Hour 2

Bob interviews Doctor, author, and radio personality Carol Peters-Tanksley about Trumpcare and her new book, "Overcoming Fear and Anxiety through Spiritual Warfare."

Wed 5-3 2017Hour 1

Hillary and James Comey are in the news again; Bob interviews lawyer Marc Levin on the reasons for raising the minimum age of Christian responsibility from 17 to 18

Wed 5-3 2017Hour 2

Bob visits with Scottish singer/author Sheila Walsh, keynote speaker for the May 12th Aspire Women's conference; Bob previews Trump's newest Religious Freedom executive order

Tue 5-2 2017Hour 1

Bob asks Dr. Will Imboden (Clements Center for National Security) to grade Trump's first 100 days and visits with Focus on the Family's John Fuller about the National Day of Prayer

Tue 5-2 2017Hour 2

Bob remembers song writers Rodgers and Hart, critiques Austin politicians and clergymen for their SB4 protests, and analyzes Target's financial decline.

Mon 5-1 2017Hour 1

Bob prays for the Texas tornado and UT stabbing victims, visits with Faith Johnson, first African-American female ever to serve as DA of Dallas County and a strong believer