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Previously on The Bob Phillips Show:


Wed 2-22 2017Hour 2

Bob visits with two APD cops who went way beyond the call of duty to not just fix a flat tire, but are helping buy a new car for an 18 year-old economically disadvantaged young man

Tue 2-21 2017Hour 1

Bob shares a personal story about seriously ill friends and keeping life in perspective; Bob remembers Norma McCorvey (1947 - 2017) "Jane Roe" in Roe v Wade.

Tue 2-21 2017Hour 2

Bob takes John McCain to task for his incendiary speech in Munich; Bob pays tribute to the great humorist, Erma Bombeck (Fe. 21, 1927 - April 22, 1996)

Mon 2-20 2017Hour 1

Bob lauds the First Lady for invoking the "Lord's Prayer" at her husband's rally; Part 1 of Bob's interview with David Horowitz.

Mon 2-20 2017Hour 2

Part 2 of Horowitz interview; Bob honors Sidney Poitier on his 90th birthday; and on "President's Day," Bob regales audience with Presidential Trivia.

Fri 2-17 2017Hour 1

Bob talks about travel annoyances, critiques yesterday's "A Day Without Immigrants" protests, and renews his call for Austin's sheriff to change her "ICE" policies.

Fri 2-17 2017Hour 2

Bob analyzes Donald Trump's remarks at South Carolina Boeing Plant; Bob muses about M&M color favorites, remembers "Red" Barber, and celebrates "Random Acts of Kindness" Day.

Thu 2-16 2017Hour 1

Bob visits with Clayton Knippa, Chief of Staff for State Rep. Matt Krause about the important "Religious Liberty" legislative initiatives pending at the State Capitol.

Thu 2-16 2017Hour 2

Bob reviews and analyzes President Trump's press conference and explains why the Jehovah's Witnesses are a Christ-less cult

Wed 2-15 2017Hour 1

Bob interviews National Security expert, Dr. William Inboden, about the Michael Flynn fiasco, and its implications politically and for national security.