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Previously on The Bob Phillips Show:


Wed 2-15 2017Hour 2

Bob reviews today's joint U.S. - Israel press conference, especially what it revealed about MESSRS. Trump and Netenyahu as MEN; Bob tweaks the healthiest and unhealthiest US cities

Tue 2-14 2017Hour 1

Bob celebrates Valentine's Day by inviting callers to share their favorite love songs; Bob reviews the resignation of Gen. Flynn: "Why did he lie?"

Tue 2-14 2017Hour 2

Bob punctuates his roll-out of great love songs with a look at girls who want to join the Boy Scouts and a recap of Al Capone's "St. Valentine's Day Massacre."

Mon 2-13 2017Hour 1

Bob visits with Mike Cargill and callers about immigration enforcement, City Council "Riot Inciters," and notices a clear Anti-Trump trend in the headlines.

Mon 2-13 2017Hour 2

Girls just want to have fun: Bob celebrates "Gal-entines" Day with callers; Bob questions why media was silent on fired Congressional Muslims.

Fri 2-10 2017Hour 1

Bob welcomes former co-host, Jenny Hodges, back to the program to talk "Sound Money," Donald Trump, and, of course, "Sportsball."

Fri 2-10 2017Hour 2

Bob visits with Presidential memorabilia collector, Hervey Priddy, about his amazing collection; Bob analyzes the 9th Circuit Court opinion, barring Trump's Executive Travel Order

Thu 2-9 2017Hour 1

Bob lambasts the "Evangelical 100" ad criticizing President Trump's Executive Order placing a moratorium on Refugees

Thu 2-9 2017Hour 2

Bob and callers discuss Trump's Nordstroms Tweet, revel in "National Pizza Day," and Bob critiques a story which asks, "Why do men eat red meat and girls eat salads?"

Wed 2-8 2017Hour 1

Bob talks peanut butter, pokes fun at Senator Elizabeth Warren, and updates the status of Trump's Immigration Order at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals